Individual Counselling


“One day you finally knew what you had to do,

and began…”

-  From Mary Oliver’s, The Journey


“The essence of trauma is a disconnect from the self.  Therefore, the essence of healing is not just uncovering one’s past, but reconnecting with oneself in the present.” 

Gabor Maté - Compassionate Inquiry, Victoria, B.C., 2018


We all have a story we tell about ourselves. At its deepest level, this story is how we have made sense of what has happened to and around us.  For so many of us, our story contains very painful experiences. When we can’t be ourselves and be safe at the same time, we adapt. We become smaller, or bigger, angrier or quieter…we need less, feel less, give more…hide our vulnerability…you get the idea. Safety first. These adaptations kept us safe, but have also hurt us.


The counselling process allows you to tell your story…go back to your story…this time with compassion at your side…this time not alone. When we change the relationship we have with ourselves, there is a ripple effect. We begin to change the way we are with others and who we are in the world. 


I fundamentally believe that the potential for healing is always present…always walking along side our pain. I see this everyday in everyone I work with.