This is a space where Carolyn shares her writing - inspiration & more. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back & feel safe to reflect on your life through her journey.

Inspiration and Reflections

“Possibly, then, writing has to do with darkness, and a desire or perhaps a compulsion to enter it, and with luck, to illuminate it, and bring something back into the light.”  
- Margaret Atwood

“You make the world smaller and bigger at the same time… and I think that’s something artists do… you create understanding.”  
-Shelagh Rogers, CBC, The Next Chapter

Writing has always been a way for me to make sense of the world within and around me and, until very recently, it has been a very private thing. With the exception of required research papers, my writing has been relegated to my journals – those mini-vaults securing within them my thoughts, my feelings, my story… I have poured my heart (and psyche) onto those pages and all those pages have protected and held me.

This personal writing has served a necessary psychological function. However, the writer in me has always been a whisper in my ear wanting far more.  She now grows noisy and impatient – no longer willing to be shelved. 

In this section of my website I will share the words and wisdom of others along with my personal essays. My hope is that these words and stories will create connection and resonance.  


With greatest care,


March 6, 2021

Things give way, don’t they?


If we are lucky, things give way.


Anger and regret and lamenting lost time give way…


Fear and needing to fix absolutely everything give way…


Peace and acceptance breaks through…

Gratitude is allowed to sit beside all that remains ‘undone’. 


… and I am so grateful.


Thank you, mom, for everything… 

March 3, 2021

Lost and Found


When does it happen?  At what moment do you become the mother to your mother?


My mother is 81 years old and she is in a DSL4-D facility.  She has dementia  - has had for many years now.  About a year and a half ago, she became a flight risk, so we hurriedly transferred her into the above categorized secure facility. 


So to answer the above questions, surely it is now… I am a mother to my mother who has slowly but surely become more and more dependent on me (and my sister) to care for her, watch out for her, remember for her. 


I am getting ahead of myself. 


Long before my mother was 81, she had a story… dementia’s sole objective is to take that story, crumple it up, pitch it into the garbage can, and proceed to burn the contents...