COVID-19 UPDATE:  Spring 2021

 In-person and online counselling sessions are available:


In-person sessions: 


I will slowly be returning to in-person psychological counselling sessions. 

I will be available for in-person sessions: Wednesday through Saturday. 


Online sessions remain available:


For those who still feel more comfortable, I will also continue to provide counselling sessions online or by telephone.  I will be available for online sessions: Wednesday through Saturday




In the last many weeks, we have much to be optimistic about: the downward trend in COVID active cases and hospitalizations; continuing rollout of vaccines; easing of public health restrictions.  However, absolute numbers remain very high, positivity rates continue to fluctuate, and more cases of the COVID-19 variant are also emerging.  Our continued vigilance is imperative.   I continue to be guided by the Government of Alberta and my professional body who continually weigh public health protocols with the cost of those protocols on our personal and collective mental health. 


I will offer in-person sessions particularly to those considering the following:


  • If there is psychological or physical risk to the client if sessions are conducted virtually from home (safety or privacy is an issue).  

  • If access to reliable technology is an issue.

  • If the session/effectiveness of counselling itself will be impaired significantly if done online. 


Please note that in-person sessions follow safety guidelines as outlined by our Ministry of Health:  wearing of masks at all times, physical distancing, hand sanitizing, and our adherence to heightened disinfecting practices. 


Your physical and mental health is of greatest importance to my colleagues, our staff, and me.  If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to call: 780-482-1847. 



Carolyn Lentz